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Boy Indigo

Retro Soul x Psychedelic R&R x Jazz x LoFi Hip Hop


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Boy Indigo is equally inspired by retro soul, psychedelic rock & roll, jazz and hip hop alike. There is no genre that holds us, no box by which we fit easily into. We won't be found in any of the usual ways. We are unusual in our musical approach and don't strive for accessibility or normality. We won't be heard in your favorite coffee shops, we won't be found by way of radio on your morning commute. We will however be heard at night in head phones, in poorly lit bedrooms, on long drives alone or in the comfort of a lover.


Front man, singer, guitarist, and lyricist, Devon Blue is first a poet first.  Most of his musical career has been as a session guitarist including a few American Idol and The Voice finalists. A few of the bands Devon has played in include:  Broken Iris and Life in 24 Frames. His ambient guitar and vocals can be heard along side artists such as Reason, J. Sirus, Nikki Minaj and more.​


As the band's bassist and backup vocalist, Chelsea is a painter first.  Chelsea's paintings and Devon's poetry are the foundation by which Boy Indigo was formed. It is clear that her energy and aesthetic brings harmony and direction to the band.  She has traveled across the United States as a bass player in several bands stretching across many genres



Saxophonist Kevin Kinsella has been integral to Boy Indigo's musical maturity. He is a seasoned musician and front man of his own band, PointDexter. Kevin's ability to play both saxophone, keys and sing make him a valued asset, and contributor to this project.   



​Pianist, John "keys" Takanikos, is a purist whom uses only vintage keys and synthesizers to create the bands lush psychedelic tones. John has toured the United States with several bands and is well versed in all musical instruments. John Keys is a musical force unlike any other.

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