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Second Language



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Second Language formed in Los Angeles in 1981.  Alternative rock with multiple influences including post-punk & new wave. In 1985, Second Language recorded an album’s worth of new songs as their calling card to the music business. The band (Jessie Jacobson, Toni Zeto, Jerome Faulkner, Jarrett Lesko & Brian Bielski) asked Earle Mankey (ex-Sparks) to co-produce the 15 tracks. ‘Words Into Action’ seemed like the most commercial and universal song of the bunch.  Producer Tony Berg heard and loved it and offered to go with the band and Earle back into the studio (Cherokee in West Hollywood) and coaxed some superb vocal performances out of Toni and Jessie and helped arrange the bridge to the standard of the rest of the song. The result is the first in a series of Second Language archival and contemporary stereo & Atmos single releases on Alternator Records, mixed by Michael James in 2023. These will be followed by archival and contemporary album releases on GO2L Records in 2024.

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