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Veteran behind-the-scenes hit maker Michael James follows up his 2015 instrumental guitar album, Marchesano, with a new concept album, Shelter In Place. Inspired by the shared global crisis of 2021, the album explores the themes of love, isolation, loss, and ultimately hope. 


Bullet points:

• Diverse producer/mixer discography, ranging from rock (New Radicals, L7, Hole, Far, Kalimba) to singer-songwriter (Edwin McCain, Eric Church, Maia Sharp, Rob Laufer) to jazz/blues and prog-rock (Robben Ford, Chicago, GPS/Asia).  

• Gold, Platinum and #1 records.  

• Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. 

• Raised by a motorcycle gang in New York before relocating to California at age 13.  

• As a homeless emancipated minor, earned full scholarship to UCLA. Signed to first record deal as an artist at age 19.  

• Former Head of A&R/Producer at Warner Music Discovery.  

• Founder of Alternator Records, Fresh Baked Music and IndieProMix. 

• Vegetarian, bicycle racer, into the outdoors, family and spirituality.


Album Cover - Flattened - High.jpg

"Michael's skills as a songwriter, musician, and mixer are at the top of the game. I was really impressed with another one of his skills -- his attention to emotional detail in the composition, production and performance: that's the foundation of this body of work, reaching out in so many ways."

David Kahne

(Paul McCartney, Kelly Clarkson, Tony Bennett, Lana Del Rey) 


“Obviously inspired and very meticulously done.  You can hear the soul in it, which makes all the difference for me.”

Robben Ford

(Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, George Harrison)

“I love your expressive, soulful playing, Michael, and the way the band supports your fresh voice on the guitar.  The organic vibe and tasteful arrangements enhance the beauty of the compositions.”

Gregg Bissonette

(Ringo Starr, Larry Carlton, Steve Vai, Steve Lukather)


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