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Why Alternator?


Go behind the scenes during the writing (and primary recording) session of "I'd Give It All Up to Get Down With You."

> unmute video for sound


Experience music as the artist intended.

Alternator Records is an equal partner, not the boss. New artists need to get their music recorded and heard. And the traditional system doesn’t work for everyone. We’re here do it differently: to collaborate with artists we love, and to help them create music the way they dream it. And make it available to you.


Enable the success of artists. And join in.

When you listen to artists on Alternator, you are contributing to an artist’s sustainable living. We provide incentives and profit sharing for our artist partners, side-stepping the all too common deals that leave the artist with less than they deserve.


Your source for superior quality, new music.

Alternator creates immersive Dolby Atmos mixes for EVERY new release. Of course we also create lossless stereo masters--and occasionally Sony 360RA mixes. Download or stream Alternator artists in Dolby Atmos for the ultimate sound quality and listening experience.

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