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Why Alternator Records 

Our Mission: Focus on the Art in Artist Development.

Why Alternator Records?

Why support artists on Alternator Records? Streaming is the most popular way to listen to music. We get it - and we want you to enjoy all of your listening experiences no matter whom the artist is affiliated with. When you listen to artists on Alternator, however, you are contributing to an artist’s sustainable living — and that will motivate an artist to create even better music, more often.


How? We provide incentives and profit sharing for our artists. This, in turn, side steps the conventional way most independent artists earn money from their recordings, resulting in positive experiences for both the artist and the listener.


The Alternator Sound

Our content is curated. We’d like to think that our content is quality without filler. We want to do everything we can to ensure a great listening experience. Our artists are our partners.


The 411 on Michael James

Founder, Michael James, has a long history of finding talent early and helping this talent develop during the initial stages of their careers. The debut releases of Hole, L7, New Radicals, Too Much Joy and others, recorded by James, are arguably the high water marks for these seminal acts. Now the writer/producer/mixer is releasing the fruits of his collaborations on Alternator so the world can enjoy fresh new music right away without the usual music industry red tape.



We aim for ”one stop” clearances across the board for music supervisors, making it easy for brands, films and TV shows to license our music, resulting in added exposure for our Artists.


The Aural Experience

Our music can be downloaded in High Definition 2.0 Stereo, 5.1 Surround and immersive Dolby ATMOS formats for the ultimate in sound quality, as artistically intended.

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