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Nathan Hendrix is an American record producer, recording artist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist (drums, bass, piano, guitar, trumpet and saxophone) born and raised in Oakland, California. He started playing drums and piano in church at age five under the guidance of his older brother, then added trumpet while further sharpening his drum skills in the Prescott elementary school band. 


Nate then joined the Allen Temple music program, run by Betty Gadling, where he studied saxophone, bass and music theory. A love and appreciation of many forms of music led Nate to become a DJ, developing his chops at his high school dances and his parents’ parties. This multi-generational experience fostered a talent for bridging the gap between current and classic. 


In 2011, at the age of just 15, Nate started adding engineering and producing to his skill set. By fall of 2015, he was working as a recording engineer at 25th Street Recording in Oakland, California. He now produces music ranging from big electronic sounds with a World Music twist to Pop & R&B. Nate credits as some of his influences Quincy Jones, Charlie Parker, Prince, Rick James, Nile Rodgers, DJ Quik, Glenn Miller, Noah Shebib, Gene Page, Burt Bacharach and Kanye West. 


When he is not crafting bangers in the studio with the Bay Area’s rising stars, Nate enjoys wine tasting, cars, old school video games, kava, fashion, technology and reading.



I’d Give It All Up (To Get Down With You)

Written by Chloe Jean, Nate Hendrix and Michael James

©2021 Alternator Records. All rights reserved.

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Nate Hendrix & Michael James


Chloe Jean: Vocals.

Nate Hendrix: Drums, Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals

Michael James: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Bass


I’d give up Jimmy Choo’s in my closet

I’d give up spending money I don’t have

I’d give up smoking weed on my 15

If I could get you as my man


I’d give up trying to lie to my mama

She never believes me anyway

I’d give up always waiting til tomorrow

If I could get with you today


When you come around and I’m down, you’re like medicine 

You‘re the perfect pill, I’ve been craving for you

Morning noon and night, I’ll take you anytime

Because your love is the only drug I want to do


I’d give it all up to get down with you

I’d give it all up to get down with you

I’m down to get high wit chu 

I’d give it all up to get down with you


Superman in jeans, you got me flying 

You say what's on your mind, you're never fake

Sexy and sweet, you‘re like honey to me

I'm hypnotized in every way


I’d give it all up to get down with you

I’d give it all up to get down with you

I’m down to get high wit chu 

I’d give it all up to get down with you

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